Microsuction is a safe and effective process of wax removal. It was until recently only available in a hospital environment. The procedure is ideal for old and young alike whether someone has a hearing problem or not. Microsuction is particularly suitable where somebody has or had a history or perforated eardrums or previously undergone ear surgery as there is no forward pressure on the ear structures. 

Hearing Sound specialise in the microsuction technique of removing ear wax blockages. With no need for weeks of softening with oil based products, clients find the procedure quick and convenient.  Most manage to have their ears cleared in a single session. However there will always be situations where a second session or pre-treatment is required, this is only likely to be where wax is severely impacted and you will only pay for a single appointment regardless. 

Wax removal via Microsuction in clinic               £60
Wax removal Home visit                                           £90


Prices include any follow up visits that are necessary and there will be no charge if no wax is present or you can not have the treatment for a clinical reason such as infection. 

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