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What is ear wax?

Ear wax, also known by the medical term Cerumen is a substance secreted into the ear canal to protect the ear canal and assist with cleaning and lubrication. It also provides protection against infection, bacteria and water. Its healthy to have some ear wax and only becomes a problem if a build up occurs.

Symptoms of earwax build-up include:

  • hearing loss

  • earache or a feeling that your ears are blocked

  • ringing or buzzing in your ears (tinnitus)

  • vertigo (feeling dizzy and sick)

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Microsuction is a safe and effective process of wax removal. It was until recently only available in a hospital environment. The procedure is ideal for old and young alike whether someone has a hearing problem or not. Microsuction is particularly suitable where somebody has or had a history or perforated eardrums or previously undergone ear surgery as there is no forward pressure on the ear structures. 

Hearing Sound specialise in the microsuction technique of removing ear wax blockages. With no need for weeks of softening with oil based products, clients find the procedure quick and convenient.  Most manage to have their ears cleared in a single session. However there will always be situations where a second session or pre-treatment is required, this is only likely to be where wax is severely impacted and you will only pay for a single appointment regardless. 


We recommend Earol, or any other

medical grade Olive oil product for the softening of wax. 

We do sell Earol in clinic for £6 per bottle, you can also get it from your local pharmacy


Wax removal via Microsuction in clinic:                                                                 Single ear                                              £45

                            Both ears                                               £60
Wax removal Home visit                                             £90 Triage                                                                                  £15


Prices include any follow up visits that are necessary. A triage appointment is suitable if you are unsure if you have occluding wax or if you believe you may have an infection or other related hearing issue, you will be provided with a referral for treatment in this scenario.  

Our other In-Clinic & home visit Services include:


Hearing assessment 

Tinnitus Counselling

Hearing Aid Purchases

Custom Hearing Protection

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