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You can see our online shop for high quality over the counter hearing protection products or if your looking for a custom product we can offer an impression service. This will involve a qualified Audiologist taking a mould of your ears which will be used to create a set of bespoke ear plugs to meet your requirements.  

Hearing protection explained............

What is NRR?

Noise Reduction Rating - a unit of measurement, based on ANSI requirements, to compare the effectiveness of hearing protection devices to reduce noise levels. The higher the NRR number associated with a hearing protector, the greater the potential for noise reduction.

What is SNR?

Single Number Rating which provides a single overall attenuation value, based on European EN352 requirements, for quick comparison between hearing protectors. A SNR of 25 is a hearing protector that attenuates, on average, 25dB across the whole frequency band. The higher the SNR value, the more attenuation is achieved. Please Note: NRR and SNR values are calculated in different ways, and therefore should not be compared against each other.

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